Nkambo Power is the industry leader in new panelboard products, providing features, ratings, and performance that consistently meet the needs of specifiers, consultants and contractors. Products are ideal for new construction and systems upgrades in commercial and industrial facilities.

Lighting Panelboards
Nkambo Power’s Pow-R-Line panelboard family is ideal for lighting and appliance branch circuit protection.

Column Panels
Nkambo Power’s Pow-R-Line Column Panels are ideal for confined areas or renovation projects. They measure a compact 8-5/8″ wide by 6″ deep and are easily mounted inside an I-beam for industrial applications.

Distribution Panelboards
Nkambo Power’s Pow-R-Line Distribution Panelboards provide the capability to house more breakers in less space than others in the industry, up to practical physical limitations such as standard box heights and widths. + Expand List

Retrofit Panelboards
Nkambo Power’s Retrofit Panelboard is the first product of its kind, designed specifically for renovating existing electrical systems. Unique chassis features, adjustable interior assembly, and time-saving installation features minimize any needed wall reconstruction, clean-up, and downtime.

Fusible Panelboard/Switchboard Switches are designed for commercial, industrial, and service entrance applications to protect and switch feeder and branch circuits. Panelboard units have switching contact structures with an instantaneous trip element while switches have a quick-make, quick-break feature.