Nkambo Power offers the widest selection of switchboards in the industry, from the simplest 800A switchboard to web-enabled. All Nkambo Power switchboards offer maximum standardization, safety, and convenience as well as flexibility in designs to accommodate any power distribution need you have.

Drawout Moulded-Case Switchboards
Nkambo Power’s drawout molded-case Pow-R-Line switchboard is the industry’s first switchboard solution that offers an innovative draw-out mechanism.

Pow-R-Line C
Nkambo Power’s Pow-R-Line C switchboards combine a space-saving design with modular construction and increased systems ratings to provide economical and dependable electrical system distribution and protection.

Commercial Metering
Nkambo Power’s Commercial Metering Switchboards provide electrical system distribution and metering for shopping centers, office buildings, and other commercial multi-metering applications.

CMP Switchboards
Nkambo Power’s CMP switchboard is the only solution in the market that combines all three sections of a service entrance application into a single cell, providing the most flexible and compact footprint in the Canadian market.

Integrated Facility Systems Switchboards
Nkambo Power’s Integrated Facility Systems are unique space-saving structures that combine electrical distribution equipment found in panelboards and switchboards with environmental controls commonly grouped and provided in separate enclosures.

Quick Connect
Nkambo Power’s Generator Quick Connect Switchboard is the answer to getting your facility back on line safely and quickly when unexpected power outages occur due to blackouts, hurricanes, tornados, lightning strikes, or other natural disasters.

Roll-Up Generator Termination
Nkambo Power’s Roll-up Generator Termination Box is an economical intermediate termination cabinet between a temporary, portable, roll-up generator and the facility being served by the portable generator.