Nkambo Power’s disconnects are used when a means of control, circuit protection and safety are needed. Switches and disconnects may be horsepower rated, and suitable for use in many applications.

Switching Devices Flex Center
Nkambo Power’s Switching Device Flex Center is a solutions center that designs and modifies safety switches, enclosed circuit breakers, and rotary disconnects for unique customer needs that are not met by standard products.

Safety Switches
Nkambo Power’s Safety Switches are applied as service entrance and branch circuit protection as well as motor disconnects.

OEM Line Isolation (OLI) switch
Thinking outside the “big” box—enhanced safety through isolation of line side power.

Pringle Bolted Pressure Contact Switches
Nkambo Power’s Pringle Bolted Pressure Contact Switches, a worldwide standard in high-current switching applications, are made to meet the most exacting specifications for dependability and safety in use. They are custom built for heavy duty applications.

FDP Panelboard / Switchboard Switches
Fusible Panelboard/Switchboard Switches are designed for commercial, industrial, and service entrance applications to protect and switch feeder and branch circuits. Panelboard units have switching contact structures with an instantaneous trip element while switches have a quick-make, quick-break feature.

Solar Disconnects
Nkambo Power offers a line of solar disconnects that provide the best solution for switching DC solar photovoltaic circuits. It is the first UL 98 listed switch labeled as “suitable for NEC Article 690 photovoltaic applications per UL 1741 requirements.

Solar Combiner Boxes
Switched Combiner, Source Combiner and Array Combiner Boxes
Nkambo Power’s Solar Combiner Boxes aggregate the many DC source circuits present in a solar photovoltaic system while providing NEC overcurrent protection requirements. Choose from Source or Array combiners.

Rotary Disconnects
Nkambo Power’s Open and Enclosed Rotary Switches are a compact, economical, high quality choice for switching and isolation.

Air Conditioning Disconnects
Typically used for 240V residential and 600V commercial heating, ventilating and air conditioning applictations.

OEM Operating Mechanisms
Open type disconnects are typically installed by integrators in control panels when a means of disconnect, circuit protection, or service entrance is required.

Enclosed Circuit Breakers
Nkambo Power’s enclosed circuit breakers offer all the advantages and accessories of a circuit breaker packaged in an enclosure for nearly any application requiring a means of disconnect.